Thursday, January 8, 2009

'neau news is Good news

‘neau news is G∞d news
by a. marti ‘neau (inspired by the 'neau net http//

'neau news is G∞d news,
no matter how it goes
no one knows (we’re up to ‘neau G∞d) when

G∞d news is ‘neaus

* huh?

* actually, the hidden treasure in this thoem clearly points to the fact that It’s All G∞d News, even when it appears as though it isn’t.

below: random family pics from the past.

below: jo and al martineau (the tree that is responsible for all of those good, bad apples)

* james ian martineau founded the 'neau net at: 

* martineau, l. (1-8.2-2009). book 65: new(s). © 2009



  1. I Love All of the "neaus," neau matter what anyone neaus or says...I think that they're All Good, All Loving, & All Beautiful...even when they think they're All "Dunn."


  2. And, Catbaby...

    Please KNOW that the 'neaus LOVE the Catwoman!

    Thank you for being exactly who you are... a wonderful, happy, passionate, caring soul on this crazy stage called "earth."

    We are truly lucky to embrace YOU, Cat, as FAMILY -- Forever!!


    PS: Did you check the 'neau-net? There are several GREAT pics of YOU on there...


  3. PS: It's GREAT to see (or know?) how you articulate that the newest 'neaus news is well-known, 'neau matter how old.



  4. Cat:

    There's 'neau greater love than what we feel for you!

    xoxoxo, i dunn'neau