Wednesday, January 28, 2009

veteran dad

on monday, february 2nd, my father will be presented with all of his military service medals at the office of representative kennedy (rhode island).

since dad turned 85 years young in august (click here for the 9-minute "happy birthday" video), and since none of us are pulling a brad pitt and experiencing age-reversal, i've decided to jump on a plane and experience the moment.

in advance, here's to you, dad, and to all of the young men & women who commit to support & defend the constitution of the united states -- with their lives, if necessary.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"you're not sick, you're thirsty" (part 2)

juicing experiences:

when people change an eating behavior pattern (be it "fasting" or "juicing" or whatever), they often report that they "didn't feel hungry" -- after the initial stages.

what if, during our day-to-day lives, we eat for reasons that have nothing to do with hunger? ..what if we aren't (really) hungry?

what if we eat:

  • because of the time of day, or
  • when we are distressed, or
  • because we are bored, or
  • when we smell or see delicious food, or
  • when we are around certain people/situations, or
  • because it is available, or
  • out of habit?
or, or, or...

maybe... those who are fasting or juicing are simply paying more attention to how they really feel, in regard to hunger.

maybe... "increased awareness" a natural way to determine, what, when, where and how to eat.


  • pictures by microsoft clipart (i don't know about you, but this post made me hungry!) :)

"you're not sick, you're thirsty" (part 1)

in "your body's many cries for water," f. batmangheldj recites the title of this post, and says that water is the cure for many of today's dis-ease processes.

is it possible that the "placebo effect" and other healing experiences are facilitated by the water that is consumed -- along with the prescribed pill?

maybe... the common denominator is:

"space" created by hydration, massage therapy, relaxation techniques, yoga, exercise, etc. allows for increased circulation (lymphatic, cardio-respiratory, nutritional, energetic), and this increase in circulation acts a cleansing agent for the human body.

in nature, we have wind, rivers, tides, evaporation, rain, daily sun-cycles, and seasonal temperature cycles that act to "circulate" chi (or prana).

maybe... the key to healing is to allow the miraculous things we call "bodies" to harmonize with the natural ebbs & flows that surround us.


juice: day 3 (of 3)

i guess it can't be called pure "juicing," since i'm eating (fruit, veggie snacks, salads) whenever i feel the need.

maybe, at some point, a juice fast will be fun to try, but at present, the goal is to take a wellness approach to integrating "juice" into a healthy lifestyle.

sidenote: when you write down every, single thing that you eat (on your worldwide blog), you think very seriously about what you'll be putting into your mouth. .. :)

it really keeps you honest.

january 28, 2009:

  • water
  • green tea
  • smoothie (left over from last night)
  • small spinach salad
yoga (deep stretch)

  • rice & vegetable soup (left over from yesterday)
  • smoothie (with over 20 oz in the fridge for tomorrow)
  • 16 oz water
yoga (level 2 & 3)
  • sprout salad (w/kale, spinach, tomato) -- the lite caesar salad dressing was probably the worst thing that i've put in my body for 3 days (and 7 out of 8 days).
so... how do i feel? good! (but i felt good before, so what does that mean?)

well, the first thing is that "eating raw, alive food" is not a quick-fix, or a gimmick, or a starvation experience. is a change in eating behavior.

is it sustainable? ..every individual will probably experience an increase in raw food intake in his/her own way. ..the key to sustainability would probably be a slow infusion, coupled with positive experiences (e.g. good taste, easy clean-up, low cost, low maintenance, etc.).

juice: day 2 (of 3)

tuesday, 27 january 2009

* 16 oz water
* 1 bananna
* 1 tomato
* lots of mixed nuts (which means lots of soduim, but...yum!)
* 16 oz water

* 200 push-ups (50, 50, 50, 50)
* jog (4 miles)
* 16 oz water

* snap peas
* organic strawberry yogurt

* 6 carrots
* kale
* spinach
* 1 tomato
* lemon
* ginger
* 1 beet (including the greens/tops)
* 1/2 cucumber

soup (rice & vegetable)
* brown rice
* used the pulp, from past/present juices

* 10 oz water


after-yoga smoothie (is already made, in advance):
* 1 banana
* 1 carrot
* snap peas
* sprouts
* pineapple
* 1 orange
* 1/3 grapefruit
* 1/3 lemon
-note: this smoothie tastes a little less sweet. .. shoulda' put some yogurt & nuts in.

...will update as the day continues.

learning point: the goal is not to get hungry.


Monday, January 26, 2009

juice: day 1 (of 3)

breakfast juice (smoothie)

* 1 carrot
* 2 oranges
* orange juice
* 1 banana
* 1 apple
* 1/8 pineapple
* 1/2 lemon
* mixed nuts

deeeeeeeelish, if i do say so, myself! tastes like a vanilla-nut shake (and there's no rhyme or reason to the ingredients). ..filling, too! :)

* 1 large salad (from Harris Teeter)
* 20 oz water

4 mile jog

* 1 large spinach salad (w/organic tomatoes)
* 1 glass wine
* 20 oz water

note: the "juicer" wasn't used today. ..sometimes, in the world of juicing, the plan doesn't turn out exactly as planned. :)


last tuesday, i began a small juicing experiment. ..the goal was to eat mostly (if not all) raw, alive foods (vegetables, fruits), and to consume them in juiced form whenever possible. intention is to act as your guinea pig, so to speak, and to provide you with honest feedback on the experience.

i used a juicer, a blender, and an assortment of fruits/vegetables:

* apples
* bananas
* grapefruit
* oranges
* berries
* pineapple
* tomato (the food of scorpios :)
* lemons

* carrots
* spinach
* kale
* cucumber
* celery
* beets

* orange juice
* ginger
* mixed nuts
* peanut butter
* spinach salads (Harris Teeter)
-with olives, onion, peppers, avocado, etc.

* wine (i rationalized that wine is a form of grape juice)
* beer (friday night) -- this was based on my own theory that "your body needs some toxins," plus it was an oddball friday. ..:)

* chicken soup broth, w/ noodles & veggies

* sunday foods (the goal is to indulge, a little, on sundays)
-broccoli & cheese quiche
-salad casserole
-2 small brazilian cheese bread balls
-1 small brazilian bread ball
-1 1/2 cups brazilian coffee
(i was corrupted at silvana & bruce's sunday get-together)

for the next three/four days, the experiment will continue with more juicing.

so far, i feel more energized and feel lighter. it all in my head? ..maybe...

i was never hungry, because you try to "eat" every 2 hours or so(...ish). ..i did not count calories, nor did i count fat grams, etc. ..(why bother?) ..i did yoga almost every day, and jogged/walked 2 or 3 times.

beginning weight was 201 (tuesday), and 195 (saturday) -- but that doesn't mean anything. the past, when my students/clients have lost more than 2 pounds in any one-week period, they were usually setting themselves up to gain it all back, and more.

has it been difficult?, not so far. ..the intention is not to do anything that isn't easy, enjoyable and tasty.

i've talked to more than a few of you about this experiment, and i've promised to provide you with feedback on how it is going.

today will be "day 1" or what i'll call "serious juicing." major rules, but the intention is to consume more natural, organic juices.

stay tuned!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

slumdog millionaire

to understand this post, you've had to have seen the movie... but anyway...


when that day comes...
...when i re-Cognize that i've met my one, True, Love...

be no more need to run,
...there'll be no more need to travel alone, to exotic destinations, and
......there'll be no more need to get into solo adventures...

because she is the exotic,
...because she is the adventure, and
......because she is that which i've been running toward...

...for the whole of my entire life.

i KNOW that you are out there, and
...i will keep searching for you, until that lucky day when we've found each other.

and so it is written.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

let it snow, too

my sister (clare) sent some pictures of the rhode island version of "snow."

...not a blizzard, not a snowstorm, just "snow."

.........................................................below: jerry plows the driveway

below: la fazia drive

..............................below: the backyard

below: deer tracks (and they live in the city of johnston, rhode island, which borders providence).'s amazing that they have such an abundance of critters in a city environment.

...........................................................................oh, deer!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

flashback: willy n' lenny join the army

1978: mike williams ("willy") and yours truly travel from the university of rhode island to ft. bragg, n.c. for army r.o.t.c. advanced camp.

below: a photo after our initial haircuts (...haircuts that we thought were very, very short, at the time).

do these guys look like they are prepared to march, fire weapons, shine boots and act as platoon leaders? ..plan an ambush, maybe... but read topographical maps????

* hey judy, what do you think about your hubby at age 20-ish?


Thursday, January 15, 2009

meditation or medication?

the choice is (literally) ...y-ours.


* pencil drawing "prayer posture" from the yoga series by joal martino. by microsoft clipart.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

changes (2009)

warning! (mature? content) has finished uploading the "poem of the day" engine for january.

when you visit, then click on "poem of the day," then click on january, you'll have the option to access a variety of thoetry, with at least one thoem for each day of the month.

most of it is, shall we say, deeeeeeeeep. ..some of it is on the lighter side. ..some of it has "mature" content. ..some of it, uuuh... well... we don't know what the hell it means.

sample titles:

* piece is Whole

* i mind, be-cause I, Mind

* nuts

* sad

* working 10-hour days in order to get promoted to 12-hour days is just plain stupid!

* dance of war

* nebularic nightmare

* real estate is fake

* when Christmas tree comes down

* zero x zero = something

* car(ma) wash

* love muscle

* the other end of 1

* how could "All" have a gender?

* A Course In Miracles (short version)

* let's go to bed at two



Monday, January 12, 2009

meditation, yoga, LOA & Heaven

today at yoga, our guide (mohit singh) mentioned the benefits of meditation.

he also stated that, if one meditates, s/he doesn't have "renounce" anything. ..we don't have to alter our Spiritual beliefs, become a vegan, or sit on top of a mountain (for months at a time).

we can choose to, but we don't have to.

i had to chuckle when mohit said "why would someone want to renounce something?"

left: mohit, in the middle of a "kid-yoga" class. ..he's the big kid, wearing white.

click here for the sangrock yoga website

using LOA (Law of Attraction) logic, the "renouncing" of any thing could actually result in more of a thought-focus on said "thing," and therefore would bring more of that thing to us.

sample questions to ask oneself:

* have i ever tried to "lose" weight, only to gain?
* have i ever worried about finances, only to get more financial stuff to worry about?
* have i ever thought that someone didn't like me, thereby altering my behavior towards them, only to perpetuate the self-fulfilling prophecy?

yesterday, reverend julie (Unity Center for Spiritual Living) said "if you really believe that there's no way you can do something, what do you think that your chances are of ever doing it?"

left: jules

we live in a relative world where our experience is largely (if not totally) determined by our own, inner thoughts (beliefs, fears, paradigms). Essence, we are what we think.

meditation allows us to practice non-thought, along with "shifting" away from random thought back to some kind of centering device (e.g. the breath).

this "shift" can be put to extremely beneficial use in our everyday moments, when we find ourselves thinking negatively. ..a shift to Loving Feelings will literally transform a hellacious experience into Heaven. (have you ever "lost that lovin' feelin'? did it feel?)


shift happens.

...but we can determine that which we choose to focus on, as we become more aware.

meditation, yoga & LOA practices are just a few of the countless techniques that can literally trans-form our lives.

if we've choosen to Play in the world of form (hint, hint... if you're here, you have...), why not In-Joy the experience?


notes: the four steps in the "Happy Now!" workshop:
1. recognize the negative cue
2. breathe
3. shift focus (to gratitude, understanding, etc.)
4. observe how you feel
(repeat as necessary)

---------epilogue: we can't not In-Joy the experience. ..even those who are miserable are choosing their misery roles, and, on a different Level, are very much Into the experience. ..if life lasts only a Uni-Verse-All nano-second, then our roles amount to a quick "reality-show." ..right now, i'd choose a medatative "sit-calm." over reality tv, every time!  :)

for more of this epilogue-weirdness, see the third comment in "the story that seems to unfold" 11 January, 2009 (the comment should post-up sometime on 13 or 14 january); or see "secret vow" (poem of the day, 06 january,

meditation picture (top of page) from microsoft clipart. pics of mohit and reverend julie from their respective websites.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

e-mail from jean (1-10-09)

i must have been a good boy in a past life. ..or, maybe in my pre-life stage, i decided that this life would be a lucky one. any case, i've been blessed with the best of the best of friends.

below is an e-mail from my longtime, best girl-friend, jean. ..i'm posting her e-mail so that, someday when i'm on my death-bed at age 77, i can click onto this post and die with a HUGE smile on my face.

-lucky lenny

above: at connor's (rugby bar in indianapolis, 1988-ish). jean & lenny, left to right, are:

.....* dale (u.s. army physical fitness school)

.....* pam (lenny's co-pilot/classmate/dance partner, from flight school)

.....* bill (indianapolis rugby club) -- note: i think that jean had a bit of a crush on bill...

below: running a 5-k (at ball state university in indiana)

below: just another tuesday night, dancing on chairs...

below: Perfect Jeans

below: willy n' judy's wedding, key largo

below: how many salem courthouse 3-D movie goers can you fit in a picture booth?

below: jeanbaby

-----------------below: jean's e-mail (1-10-09)----------------------


I just got finished reading your new book. You are incredible. Thank you so much, I'm honored that you would include me in your dedication.

I can't express how blessed I feel to have you in my life. We've shared so much. The good times have been so much better and the bad times have been turned into learning experiences with you by my side. There is a song, by Celine Dion that makes me think of you when I hear it.

Here are the lyrics - this is what you mean to me.

For all those times you stood by me

For all the truth that you made me see

For all the joy you brought to my life

For all the wrong that you made right

For every dream you made come true

For all the love I found in you

I'll be forever thankful baby

You're the one who held me up

Never let me fall

You're the one who saw me through through it all

Chorus :

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith 'coz you believed

I'm everything I am

Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly

You touched my hand I could touch the sky

I lost my faith, you gave it back to me

You said no star was out of reach

You stood by me and I stood tall

I had your love I had it all

I'm grateful for each day you gave me

Maybe I don't know that much

But I know this much is true

I was blessed because I was loved by you


You were always there for me

The tender wind that carried me

A light in the dark shining your love into my life

You've been my inspiration

Through the lies you were the truth

My world is a better place because of you

I love you,



i love you, too, jean! thank you for Be-ing, and for Joining me on this wonderful Journey called "life."



p.s. more past-pics below:

below: sailing in destin

below: martineau house, pre-boston marathon, 1983-ish. ..jean & her travel companions (left-to-right; top-to-bottom): kevin podlaski, bob simeone, denny connors, rick bozwell, jean, steve mcguirk, tim syzek, and chris horan.

below: snow angel

below: an early morning wake-up call, salem courthouse apartments, indianapolis (1984-ish).

beware of door-to-door wake-up waiters (note the aprons, courtesy of dalt's bar & grille):

.....* ralph newman (upper-left)

.....* your's truly (lower-right).

it looks as if john pace (in front of you, jean) is still rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

here's the drill:

your doorbell rings you out of a sound sleep, while several fists pound on your door, first thing on a sunny saturday morning. struggle to the doorway (half-awake), since you'd been out with us the night before.

you don't want to open the door, but you peer through the peep-hole to see smiling, laughing faces.

against your better judgment, you crack the door open as a beer (with your name on it) simultaneously crack's open. ..uh, oh... it's gonna be a loooooong day!

question 1: does anyone know what kind of beer that is?

question 2: were we crazy, or just plain stupid?

forrest gump would know the answer to #2.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

'neau time like the Present

'neau time like the Present (1)

by marti neaus (inspired by the 'neau net http//

‘neau time like the Present

a time for rhyme and prose

life is Here & Now (this time), or so the story goes


* “ ‘neau time like the Present” has multiple meanings, of Course. ..let’s break it down:

* ‘neau time: anytime when the martineaus get together for a G∞d time. ..birthdays, anniversaries, re-unions, parties… even wakes and funerals would fall into this category. ..when any two ‘neaus are gathered together, it’s ‘neau time, baby!

above: steve & lenny martineau (circa de 2004?)

"we'll be there in 'neau time."

* ‘neau time: quantum physics tells us that “time” is a construct of relativity, and that time (as we ‘neau it) doesn’t exist. ..the best way to conceptualize this is the way that richard bach describes it, in chapter 8 of his book, “illusions”:


envision your life like a movie, like a d.v.d...

is yours a drama, an action-flick, romance, a my-story???

…anyway… the whole video is present, at any given moment. isn’t really Real, but it becomes "reel" when we project it on a screen, and we get lost in our own Play. ..although we tend to view move-ies chrono-logically, we can choose to rewind (re-live the past), fast-forward (predict our future), etc. ..with newer videos, we can even choose different endings!

when we're "in" the movie, we experience (the illusion of) time. Reality, the Play Is Whole. ..the whole concept of time changes, when all of the world is a stage.

questions to ask oneself:

1. have i ever watched the same movie, over and over? ..hmmmmmmmm.

2. what kind of an ending am i choosing, today?

3. if the Play is Really happening Now... and if i am the director (as well as the actor)... can't i influence the next scene?

according to eckhart tolle’ (in “the power of Now” and “a New earth”), the Present is a gift that allows us to connect with our Spiritual nature. ..have you ever noticed how “getting Present” is exhilarating?

addictions are addictive because of their present-centered rush. ..emotions cause us to “feel” in the present. ..orgasms are the ultimate example of sharing a present-centered moment.

we can become more Present, in a healthy sense, via meditation, prayer, breathing, yoga, exercise, love-making, art, poetry, etc., etc.

this thoem has reminded me of all of the martineau moments that have captured the essence of Presence. ..we (in the ‘neau) tend to experience Presents via laughter.

i’d like to take this moment to thank all of you out there (even you no-‘neaus), for sharing your Presents with me.

with gratitude,



note: if everyone and everything is One, then (in Reality) there's 'neau such thing as a no-'neau.

-and that's a good thing to know.


PS: i’ve just changed the title of book 65 from “new(s)” to “ ‘neau news is G∞d news” (below):

martino, j. & martineau, l. (1-10.1-2009). book 65: ‘neau news is G∞d news. © 2009


Friday, January 9, 2009

'neau kidding (al, in drag)

for those who might be wondering why the martineaus are slightly (how should we say...) "off"
a reason for therapy

it was a shock to all of us in the 'neau, when al revealed his nasty little secret.

as you can see (above), john was so shocked that he almost joined the priesthood!

josephine attempted to leave (below), but because she doesn't drive...

john and steve
also made an attempt to get away from it all, but they ran into problems of their own:

so... now you 'neau.

(yes, you're right. ..i got into some old pictures, and the rest is blog history) -sorry!

oh, 'neau!

okay, call me 'neau-sy, but...

can you help me on this? ..wIe'd like to 'neau your poem titles with the word "'neau" in the title (please add yours as a comment, or e-mail).


* oh, 'neau, not again!

* all work, 'neau play (clare's idea)

* in the 'neau

* 'neau way

* hell, 'neau!

* yes and 'neau

* 'neau it all

* 'neau place like Home

* the lights are on, but 'neau-body's Home

* how would YOU 'neau?

* 'neau parking

* 'neau loitering

* 'neau passing

* 'neau can do!

...and on, and on, and on...

(inspired by the "neau-net," where 'neau news is good news)

by the way, if you're confused, "martineau" is pronounced "m-art-in-oh," with the accent on the "arrrrrrrrrr" (and 'neau is pronounced "no").

question: are we descended from pirates???


happy birthday, willy!

happy birthday, willy!!

pictures from 2006-ish...

is tim tebow superman???


it doesn't matter if you are a gator fan or not...
...there's something special about tim tebow.

florida 24, oklahoma 14 (and this oklahoma team was FANTASTIC). even seminole fans must admit the obvious: "it's great, to be, a florida gator" (blah, blah, blah).

...yet, there is still something about florida state university that makes one happy to be a 'nole.

above: the world famous seminole cowgirls. ..go 'noles!

below: flashback to cpt. bob, hangin' with the garnet & gold sparkly guys. ..scary!

. below: flashback to kristin & lenny, getting an autograph from f.s.u. head coach bobby bowden.

below (flashback): a gift-exchange gift (seminole dream catcher) from steve martineau to moi.

florida state, florida state, florida state, whooooooooo!!!.