Thursday, October 23, 2008

you know you're in a foreign country when...

you know that you're in a foreign country when...

* you venture into a bar & grill called "the thirsty beaver," and the sign reads "attentive hostessess." (check spelling) ..btw, you know it's 2008 when you can locate the thirsty beaver at

* the person next to you says (and i quote): "the seaweed tastes really good with beer."

* you turn on the tv, and:
1. fred flintstone is speaking in thai (now... that's weird)
2. CNN is broadcast from london (and the news is international)
3. the weather channel shows "asia," and the temperature is in celcius (e.g. it's a balmy 26 degrees in burma).
4. the sports channel is showing a game of cricket.
5. you click past the following stations:

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