Friday, October 10, 2008

wat pho (the grand palace)

we've got a group of 17 massage and/or yoga students who are experiencing bangkok.

today, beth took all of us to a massage school at wat pho, where we began the day with thai massages (they were fantastic).


we then went to the grand temple, where we saw the following:
* reclining buddha (84 meters long)

* ancient acupressure-point etchings and teachings

* multiple temples, all honoring the buddha with sculptures, statues, paintings, and gold.



pictured, left to right: jennifer, kimberly, beth, lenny, kila, and elsa.

our tour-guide, "tu" (pictured below)
told us everything there was to know about wat pho.
tu provided us with thousands of philosophical gems (with a couple of recurring themes), such as:
"happiness come with 3 thing:
1. you get thing -- like money, caaaah, home, or sexy lady.
2. you give gift to friend. the best give is Forgive.
3. you find Peace and Quiet. meditation."
tu also talked about why we should honor our parents, by saying:
"you love caaaah, you love food, you love sexy lady. 
..but you could not love any of these thing without you mama & papa.  
..these most important. ..mama & papa give you life.  
..with no life, you cannot enjoy any other thing."
tu sparked the line of the day (so far), which was uttered by jason during a philosophical group chat. .the exchange went something like this:
tu: "man like gold."
tu: "man like money."
tu: "man like sexy lady."
jason: "speak for yourself."

(and, to quote forrest gump: "that's all i have to say about that") 

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