Sunday, October 5, 2008

"he's not your kind of girl."

a tale of two sarahs:

there's a phenomenon over here where transsexual prostitutes are affectionately called "ladyboy," and it is very, very, very common to see them everywhere. ..they are also very aggressive about propositioning you, even if you are female. ..after you've been here for a day or so, it's fairly easy to figure out who's who, so to speak.

over here, if you are a single male, everybody assumes that you are looking for love.

i was walking down the beach yesterday when i was approached by a tall brunette who quickly told me her name (sarah) and asked if i wanted to "go to hotel." ..i politely said no, and zipped into the nearest beach bar for a cold beer.

the bartender's name was also sarah, and she spoke great english. ..she was from israel, and we had a great conversation until the other sarah came over and sat down on the barstool next to me.

the conversation went like this:

sarah (the prostitute, in a very soft voice): you come with me to room.
lenny: no thank you, sarah.
sarah: come with me, i make you sooooo happy.
lenny: i'm not into that, sarah.
sarah: please. i show you good time, blah, blah, blah (and on and on, for what seemed like several minutes).

in the meantime, sarah (from israel) was watching and listening to the whole exchange.

finally, sarah gave up the proposition attempts, and went back out to the beach.

lenny (to sarah, the bartender): i think i need another beer.
sarah: coming right up!
lenny: i'm glad that sarah finally left.
sarah: yeah. they can be quite aggressive.
lenny: that's not what i came to cambodia for.

(...i had to laugh out loud when she replied...)

sarah: yeah, i could tell that he's not your kind of girl.

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