Tuesday, October 7, 2008

nobody's from anywhere


nobody’s from anywhere [1]

by eve r. ybody

ida is from sweden, but she doesn’t live there now
rey is from dubai, although he made it here (somehow)

silvi is from russia
carlton doesn’t care

you and me are wIe and nobody’s from anywhere


* a trip like this... is a trip.

* the question “where are you from?” almost loses significance when everyone has lived in several places for different periods of time.

* maybe this is a sign.

* maybe, we’re all from the Same place (Noplace?).

* maybe, at the level of Non-body, we are I.

* maybe… i = I = One

[1] martineau, l. (10-5.1-2008). book 64: thanks for every thing. © 2008 by www.wellnesseducation.us


  1. Hello Lenman!!!
    I can't view your email w/ the attachment because the writing looks like it's in Thai language, and it has a "message encoding" portion that I've tried several times w/ no luck :-( I'd love to read it if you feel like trying to send it some other way.
    I've been enjoying your blogs & photos, & as usual, you look like you're the "life of the party" everywhere you go! Keep smiling & Being your gorgeous self!!!

  2. Lenny,
    The case of the not so missING "ING"
    Miss seeING you in class. SomethING tells me you are doING fine. Try writING if you find the time. ThINGs are goING great with me, despite all the loomING dark shadows cast lately in this world. My sun is shinING as is yours. Stay safe, keep hydrated and keep your wallet in your front pocket. Until we mmet again, keep beING.
    Your Friend
    Yoga Andrew

  3. Lenny!
    Hello bro! Got your message. Sorry I missed it. You are on quite the journey! Is this the greatest thing you've ever done? It sure makes me want to get "out there"! Hey I'm going to be in Korea the first week in Nov then off to Hawaii for a meeting. I wish there was a way to get over to Thailand!! It would be awesome to see you and have a couple cold ones! Looking forward to Costa Rica dude! Cheers!

  4. Catwoman, Yoga-brother Andrew, and Pete!
    How ahhhhhhhhhh ya?
    I'll try to answer you comments in the order in which they were received :)
    Cat, I was in the airport in Bangkok, putting unknown types of coins into a meter, using a dysfunctional touch-screen and a sticky keyboard.
    Everything went wrong, and I hit a button that turned everything to Thai or Japaneze or Chineze (I'm not really sure).
    As I tried to manhandle the touch-screen, I accidently hit "send," and that's how you got that e-mail.
    I'll send you another one now, since I have good access to a good computer at the moment.

    Andrew, tell everybody in yoga that I miss the hell out of them. I'm practicing on my own, over here, but it's not the same.
    Tell Mohit that if he doesn't blog me, I'm not going to check out his facebook page (kidding).
    Also, let everyone know that I passed my National Certification Exam, and I'm probably going to get licensed in NC (unless I wind up living in New Zealand)...so they'd better get ready to receive some Thai massage and come to more workshops :)
    Pedro, the beer (here) is not up to your microbrew standards, but, as Dick Reinhardt would say "It's cold."
    I hope I don't run out of $$$$ so I can still make it to Costa Rica.
    If I can't do the whole Jan - March, maybe I'll just go down there when you're there.
    We will howl!

    ---And, as we say in the south, "Bye, y'all!"