Monday, October 20, 2008

modes of transportation

here are my modes of transportation, so far on this trip...
* plane
* bus
* ferry
* taxi
* rental car
* van
* tuk-tuk
* song-tawang (sp?) - this is a pickup truck with a cover, converted into an open people carrier.
and (of course) it had to happen...
a scooter.
last night we were transferring from one hotel to another, getting into and out of vans, cars and various vehicles, when a couple of my key items (laptop, money, passport, etc.) were placed into the wrong van. the van left before we had a chance to stop it, so everyone else left for the next hotel while i stayed behind, awaiting the van's return.
in the meantime, the van's driver called the hotel and let them know that it would be better for him to drive over to our new hotel and not back to get me.
to make a long story short, the all-female hotel staff said that they'd get one of the gals to drive me over on the back of her scooter. "dhoo" was the poor lady assigned to drive lenny around town.
i would have taken several photos that show what it's like to drive in downtown traffic on a scooter, but i was holding on for dear life!
thank goodness that dhoo was an excellent driver.
below is a picture of lenny's arrival at the new hotel, the thapae boutique house.

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