Monday, October 13, 2008

a message from mohit

mohit singh is my yoga instructor in charlotte.

what follows is his message (copied and pasted from an e-mail) for today.

What happens in future is unexpected. Months ,years change but life is here, in this moment. It is just wastage of time and energy to go in the past and worried for future. whether we will be alive or not in 2020, who knows. So, why to worry for 2020. Flowers, birds, moon anything in nature does not care whether it is monday or tuesday. They are in every moment. If one can learn to live here, peacefully in silence there will be no war. The people of silence are not intrested in any distructiveness. It is only one who is always digging the past or planning the tomorrow is worried . In present there is everything. Air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and time to Meditate.People ask " what is there after death"? How can someone say if he has not experienced that stage. You can only tell the taste of something if you has tasted it. No one has called or emailed yet how is the experience after the death. As soon i get the call i will let all know. Suppose you are not born yet- will you be bothered whether financial crisis or gas prices. That was not your concern as you were not born yet. So don't be bothered for the things that has not happened yet--again look at the moon not the finger.
Enough for today.................


thank you, mohit, for helping all of us to re-Cognize that True Life is in the Here and Now.

if, after hearing your message, only ONE of us hugs a loved-one today, the world will be a better place!



  1. Clare!
    How ahhhhhhhh ya?
    You'd LOVE Mohit. He looks like a young man, but dude is Zen.
    You can find more of his philosophies at
    I've got a post on yoga & Sanrock (on this blog, 8-20-08, "Yoga at Sangrock")
    Please tell everyone in Rhody that I said "Hi!"