Thursday, October 9, 2008

HTSAD, step 1

HTSAD (how to survive a depression), step 1

there are seven steps to surviving a depression, and this short blog briefly describes the first step in the process.

step 1: don’t deny that you are in one.

recession into a depression comes complete with warning signs. we can become more aware of what those signs are, and tap into our own intuitive knowingness to determine if we are depressed. we can also determine if we are headed toward a depression, and possibly avoid the whole thing by taking proactive action.

obviously, we've had "experts" tell us that "we are not in a recession." on a personal level, some well-meaning friends can tell us that "everything is alright" or "don't worry."

it’s a good bet that, regarding a depression, you know better than the experts, the people on tv, or some silly blogger like moi.

once we admit that a recession/depression is imminent, we can go about the next six steps to survive it. in fact, we might even figure out how to thrive from it.

“step 1” involves awareness, acceptance and admission.


up next: HTSAD, step 2: breeeeeeeeathe


  1. Willy, Judy, Kelly, Abby, S & TOctober 9, 2008 at 9:40 PM

    Recession on the beach what do they call that "Low Tide".