Thursday, June 5, 2008

and so it begins...

if all the world is (Really) a stage…[1]
by lenny

if all the world is (Really) a stage…
then each of us is living our own my-story.

if life is nothing but a Dream…
then “Awakening” is part of the process.

if the material world is a re-Flection in the Image-i-nation of G∞d…
then that "G∞d" runs through every-thing and everyone.

if you are reading this, well…
there’s a reason for that.

* welcome to my world.

* it’s been a roller-coaster ride of adventure, pain, love, fear, friends and family, successes and mistakes, setbacks and growth, and learning that we (as humans) don’t “Know” a lot.

* interestingly enough, our Knowings point us in the Right Direction.

-as steven covey might say, “towards True North."
-marianne williamson might say that it’s “a return to Love."
-austin powers would probably just smile and say “yeah, baby, yeah!"

my Inner Knowing is telling me to open up to you, whoever finds their way to this blog.

in a world that is Completely Connected, this constitutes a validation of our connection.

at a theological level, “you” (as i know it) may not even exist. might actually be a projection of my image-i-nation, which would make us… (drum roll) …the Same.

for college, i was lucky enough to attend the university of rhode island (u.r.i.).

i can’t help but See Beyond the symbolism and to re-Cognize that
URI = You Are I = we are One.

welcome to my world.
i’d be honored to be welcome in yours.

martineau, l. (6-6.1-2008). blog j-our-nal. © 2008