Wednesday, December 31, 2008

cosmic bowling

below: the alley, in tampa florida

lizard safari on new year's eve day

this is what you do, in florida on new year's eve. ..

below, from left to right: abby, kelly, harley.

note the lizards that are located in the party hats. ..they have not been named (yet). of this writing, only one of the lizards has escaped into the house.


prequel: new year's eve "cosmic" bowling

this evening, we are taking willy n' judy's daughters (abby & kelly) bowling with thier friends.

jim has already bought prizes for the participants, and the adults are already trash-talking about which adult is going to have the highest score, etc.

we are going to "the alley" from 4:30 -6:30 pm, and they have lightshows and glow-in-the-dark effects that take bowling to a new (cosmic) level.

expect pictures to be posted (here) after the event, but maybe not prior to midnight.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

back to tampa

below: the ferry back from key west, to ft. meyers
as they say, all good things must come to an end.
by the way... do you believe that that is True?

below: willy, pete and michelle

below: our seats on the ferry, with angie the bartender.

fishing on linda d. IV

the days just keep getting tougher in key west. ..on this adventure, we went deep sea fishing for the giant trophy fish. ..we caught mahi-mahi, wahoo, and mackerel.

below: willy wins the contest, with the biggest fish (pictured with willy is adam, the first mate who was responsible for baiting our hooks, setting out the lines, gaffing the fish, cleaning the fish, and monitoring the beer consumption). ..ladies, adam is a good guy who you should look up in key west.

willy wins the "biggest fish" contest.

below: fish, beware! (standing, left to right: pete, lenny, jim; sitting in front: willy)

below: crusty ol' captain chuck pilots the linda d. IV

below: more views of the action

fort jefferson, dry tortugas

fort jefferson was used by the union army in the civil war, and helped to protect the u.s. from several other navies in later years.
it is the second largest masonry structure in the world, behind the great wall of china.

below: the boys, on top of fort jefferson

below: check out the moat.
fort jefferson's most famous prisoner was dr. samuel a. mudd, who (unknowingly) helped john wilkes booth survive a broken leg after he shot president lincoln. ..the saying "your name is mudd" came from this incident.
mudd was actually a good guy, and later saved several members of the union army from yellow fever. ..he was later released from his fort jefferson prison to return home to his wife and three children. ..he and his wife had a happy reunion, and went on to have six more children. the way, pete is related to dr. mudd.

below: a live scorpion, just hanging out on the wall of one of fort jefferson's spiral staircases. ..yikes!

below: the view, from inside of the fort

below: the snorkel/beach area at fort jefferson
on a scale from 1-10, fort jefferson snorkeling gets a "7.3,"
for visibility, water color & sea biscuits.
below: lovers snorkel in the blue

ferry: dry tortugas

the dry tortugas are a string of islands to the west of key west. the excursion came complete with a two-hour ride, breakfast, a tour of fort jefferson, lunch, snorkeling and (of course) the ride back.



above: amazingly enough, these catamarans only draw 6 feet of water! ..the future of watercraft is in catamaran technology.

below: views from the cat


mallory square (sunset)

if you visit key west, you have to catch at least one sunset at mallory square.

you'll be entertained by juggler's, one-man bands, palm readers, cat trainers, balance artists, motionless statue people, and an assortment of rabble-rousers.

an honest-to-goodness one-man band (below):

: the sunset


blue heaven

for one of the the best breakfasts in key west, you've got to go to blue heaven (below):


if you are familiar with the "mile marker" system in the keys, you can tell (below) where blue heaven is located.

above: jim, pete and willy at the bar.  can you say "bloodies?"

you dine (outside), while roosters and chickens run around the dining area.

according to key west legend, jimmy buffett once played a concert on the stage that sits on top of the bar (below):

below: a one-man band sings fan favorites as you consume bloody marys and eat breakfast.