Sunday, August 26, 2007


by core n. a. copia

let’s do it Once (again) my friend,
there’s no one keeping score
we’ll teach (and dance) and learn (romance), extravagance:



• En-CORE, the newsletter of the CORE institute, acts as a reflection of a faculty/staff family that exudes excellence while doing what they do best: caring about students.

• it would take pages to elaborate on each faculty/staff member (plus, you don't like to read overly long blogs), so i’ll focus on george and patty, who are two of the most giving people that you will ever meet.

george is strong, yet compassionate.

• patty, is compassionate, yet strong.

• together… WOW!

if you'd like to learn about therapeutic massage from an experienced, dedicated faculty/staff that cares about students, then do it Once (again) and contact CORE. you can begin the best time of your life, starting with a mouse-click at


  1. from a "Spirit" class, as part of a wellness course (students take turns expressing personal ideas and beliefs as we attempt to conceptualize the non-conceptualizable).
  2. george and patty in santorini, greece, 2005