Friday, January 19, 2018


G,U-R-U [1]
by nota guru

incarnated GURU
sometimes hard to See
that (deep inside) you are exactly who you’re meant to Be

·         with all due respect to free will, choice, and the Game of “making it into heaven” …what if All Creation is All-ready Perfectly Perfect, unfolding Perfectly and Absolutely as it should/must?
·         who are we (humans) to decide what is right, wrong, moralistic, ethical, etc.?
·         since morals and ethics stem from one’s own perspective, how could one ever be objective about them?
·         true objectivity would mean a psychological ‘stepping away’ from one’s own core beliefs and values.
·         we might just find that, in addition to being a grand stage, our world just may be the Perfect Play.

[1] martino, j. (1.19-2.18). G,U-R-U.   book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by


sabbath [1]
by sabba tical

welcome to the Sabbath
set the work aside
rest assured that it will not just run away and hide
spend a little moment in a place (or state) of peace
welcome to the sabbath: sit and breathe awhile (at least)

  • i'm always amazed, when researching anything about the bible[s] or religions… how little i know about biblical & religious history.
  • why (as rhode island roman catholics) were we not exposed to more information?  why do people simply reiterate stories that they’ve been told, without ever questioning obvious absurdities?
  • are people just lazy?  overworked?  under-educated?  happily ignorant?
  • sabbath (to me, now) means any break from work.  it doesn’t have to be a ‘day.’  in fact, if one truly loves his/her work, even work is a break from work.         
  • what a blessing – to be right here, right now, living in the middle of perpetual sabbathery.

[1] martino, j. (1.19-1.18). sabbath.   book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

birthday card

birthday card [1]
by r. e. ceived

3-months later (alligator) it is not that odd
Love works in all kinds of ways, in this, a:

birthday card

  • birth day: a day of awakening... into a new, different way of seeing things.  you are still the same person, but you’re not really ever the same person.
  • thank G∞dness -- for belated birthday cards.
[1] martino, j. (1.17-4.18). birthday card. book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by



anyone (including moi) who tells you what to do, think, say or be... has an agenda.  maybe:
  • he/she wants you to be what he/she wants you to be, or...
  • he/she likes to preach, or...
  • he/she is looking-out for your well-fare, and he/she is simply espousing that which has or has not worked in his/her life...
...and on and on.

the bottom line is that, ultimately, he/she has an agenda.

this is not to say that he/she is 'bad' (per se), but rather a purple flare -- for each of us to look inside (when preached to) and allow self to determine who it is what we want to do-be-do.

interestingly enough, we may be do-Be-doing that all-ready.

who the f--- are they?

who the f--- are they? [1]
by p. reacher

who the f--- are they
to tell you what to do
to tell you what to think
to tell you what is true

to tell you what (and when) to eat, to tell you who to love
to tell you who to pray to (on those pretty clouds above)

to tell you how to vote
to tell you how to play
to tell you when to exercise (yes, every, single day)

to tell you where to live
to tell you what to say
to tell you how much you should give or tythe or throw away

to tell you what is right
to tell you what is wrong
to tell you what Almighty thinks about this silly song

to tell you everything you need (so you can find your way)
to tell you what they want, because, hell:
who the f--- are they?l

[1] martino, j. (1.17-2.18). who the f--- are they?  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

[2] note: you are you, Perfectly Perfect, and unfolding Perfectly.  only they want you to believe otherwise… so that they can feel better.  believe in your perfect self. ((but be careful, because i, in this thoem, am being a ‘they’))  G,U-R-U.

bank (robbery)

bank (robbery) [1]
by youcan b. ankonit 

alternative title: the banks are banking bank

the banks are banking bank; while they rob you (blind)
no interest (in your mad, distracted, overcrowded mind)

no compassion (as they charge another hidden fee)
banks are banking bank with no regard for you or me

we make them what they are: rich
and they, in return, rob us blind.
the banks are banking bank.

1.       the system:

a.       the banks encourages you to open an “account” which allows you access to the money that you have earned.  the representative explains the rules, and you engage in a contract – regarding how they are going to manage your money.

b.       the banks encourage you to “go paperless” (in order to [1] save themselves money, and [2] create complicated forms that provide massive amounts of information – along with “small print” information that they bank on you not reading.

c.        instead of giving you “interest” on money that you are (in essence) allowing them to launder, they create complicated systems, rules and regulations that allow them to charge “fees” for you to use, harbor and access money that you have earned, as a working member of society.

2.       they understand (all too well) that your mailbox is bombarded by offers, advertisements, and junk that creates a “numbing effect,” in regard to your ability to process all of the information.  eventually, you discard a lot of the junk-mail without reading it.

a.       understanding this, the bank (even if you “go paperless”) will send junk-mail to your mailbox, with offers of loans, refinance-ings, insurance, etc. – so that they can (see #3, below).

b.       this ‘numbing’ phenomenon happens collectively.  several companies (including your bank) send you mind-numbing amounts of information – all designed to get you to pay less attention, while extracting a little bit of your money.

c.        when they get a little bit from everybody, the bankers laugh themselves all the way to the bank.

3.       the banks, then, in a shrewd money-grab, can “modify” the rules of your contract, disguise the changes, and add or increase the fees that you are paying them to manage your money. 

a.       note: this is also happening to your investments.

b.       money “managers” are (1) making commission-money on everything that you make, (2) taking money from your account even when you are not making any, and (3) laughing as the government attaches taxes to the meager interest that your money is earning.

4.       people used to rob banks.  in a weird twist of reverse-robin-hood fate, the banks (the rich) are now robbing from the poor.

[1] martino, j. (1.17-1.18). bank (robbery).  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

[2] inspired by visiting my bb&t bank, in good faith, expecting them to retract the erroneous fee which they added to one of my accounts.  i found that not only had they not retracted the fee, but they had charged another one while i was arguing the previous one!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Free [1
by f. reedom

free to wake (at sunrise)
free to drive to school
free to speak and grow and think and contemplate the moon
free to let you be yourself and free to be (well), me
free to live and love and give (so grateful to be):

  •  i’ve determined that i love people, and i’m best (with people) for short periods.  after short experiences, i like to step away, to gather myself, and to contemplate.
  • i believe that commitments are essential to relationships, and that commitments are renewed, every moment.  there are no usa/marriage/contrat ‘guarantees’ to commitment.  a commitment is something that you earn, every, single day.
  • some people have this idea that if a person says (or professes) that he/she is committed, that it guarantees that they will stay committed, forever.  this is silliness.
  • take a look around.  it is obvious that commitments do not last forever.
  • anyone who meets you – and who quickly wants you to make them a lifelong promise – should not be trusted (as sane).
  • beware (of yourself)… if you expect the same.

[1] martino, j. (1.13-1.18). Free.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by
-inspired by tinder, and someone looking for an "ltr."

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Love is unrestricted

Love is unrestricted [1]
by i. n. Love

Love is unrestricted
free of space and time
free (and non-possessive)
free of yours (or mine)
free to give and live, a river flowing without end
Love is unrestricted, yes, for you and i, my friend

·         a human being is capable of Love-ing more than one person.

·         the idea that, once you pledge love to ‘me” --you are no longer allowed to love others, doesn’t make much sense (from a Love-ing Perspective).

·         humans, however, love to restrict Love, reducing it (under the guise of ‘romance’) to a possessive sense of entitlement:
if you love me, you shouldn’t love others.”

·         beware of the “shoulds”.  when we should on others, we eventually wind up shoulding all over ourselves.

[1] martino, j. (1.6-1.18). Love is unrestricted.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

Saturday, December 2, 2017

love turns into hate

love turns into hate [1]
by e. x. pectations

while second-hand is ticking (it can happen while you wait)
with unmet expectations, baby, love turns into hate

True Love never ends
·         we’ve all observed it: two people who were once ‘in love’ now hate each other.
·         it can happen instantly.  it happens when u.s.a. romantic/storybook ‘love’ comes with an array of expectations.
·         people should simply be honest, and say “i love you, as long as you _____________________.”  (fill in the blank)

·         …but that isn’t really Love, is it.  i see it as a form of possession or ownership:
i love you.  you’re mine.  now do what i want you to do.”

it sounds so love-ly… in song, on valentines day cards, and at wedding ceremonies, doesn’t it?  it sounds love-ly... right up until it ends.

…but True Love is different.  it is Unconditional.  it is allowing.  it is unending.  it wants the person who is loved to have the best life that they can have, irregardless of how we feel about it.

True Love is more like mother-child love, or friendship love.  it understands.  it doesn’t expect.  it doesn’t coerce.  it isn’t out for its own gratification, but rather, for the other.

a friendship doesn’t need a ‘vow’ or a ceremony or a contract or an exchange of overpriced bling.

Love doesn’t ‘need’ anything.

Friday, December 1, 2017

be visible to self

be visible to self [1]
by vis ibility

in this, a world where self-expression lies on someone else
instead of you (invisible), be visible to self

your thoughts matter.  your ideas matter.

your movements matter. your breaths matter.  your dreams and hopes and passions matter. 

 you... matter!!!
in this, a world where you can be invisible (don’t melt)
in you, there is a master-peace
be visible (to self)

[1] martino, j. (11.19-1.17). be visible to self.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

Saturday, November 11, 2017

everything is tragic

perfect tragedy [1]
by t. ragic

you might say it’s tragic
all i worked for (gone)
everything i thought about my world is in this song
everything i thought about this life, a mix of magic
everything is beautiful, and
everything is tragic 

the truth is… it is all beautiful, and it is all tragic.

…and your mind gets to determine how you are going to feel about it, right now.

-the end.

[1] martino, j. (11.11-1.17). perfect tragedy (or everything is tragic).  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

Thursday, October 5, 2017

humpty-dumpty's in the dumpster

humpty-dupmty’s in the dumpster [1]
by d. umpted

humpty-dumpty’s in the dumpster, shouting “it’s fake news!
all the while creating that (in which he would accuse)
all the while behaving like an egg that never hatched
all the while (the public screams) “we wish we could go back!”

all the while the power-pushers tout the status quo
all the while the earth gets sucked of energy (and snow)
all the while the gunners amm-unite for one more kill
all the while the innocents sit home and eat their fill

  • while humpty-dumpty rants and raves,
  • while middle-classers dig their graves,
  • while dic-and-taters are the norm,
  • while (oh, my god!) the perfect storm.

[1] martino, j. (10.4-1.17). humpty-dumpty’s in the dumpster.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by