Thursday, May 18, 2017


omnihypocrite  [1]
by omni hypocrite

omni-contradiction in mello-dramatic script
when love can kill (no choice: free will), an

  • the ultimate killer decrees: “don’t kill!
  • the “all- knowing” and “all-caring” – either (a) doesn’t know, or (b) doesn’t care.
  • the “coming soon” never arrives.
  • the omnipresent is obsessed with sins of the past… and future.
  • the all-forgiving doesn’t forgive -- uh, All.
…and on, and on, and on.

it is important to note that “God” is not the problem, here.  the problem is man – doing everything he can to control his future by taking present action, based upon past learnings.

ego: the hypocrite.
Omni-ego? (see title)

the Gd news, is that you-mans can learn.  we-mans can evolve.  i-mans can yearn for (and experience) Love.

[1] martino, joal. (5.18-1.17). omnihypocrite.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

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