Monday, May 1, 2017

For-Give (but don't for-get)

For-Give (but don’t for-get)  [1]
by f. orgiven

For-Give (but don’t for-get)
Re-Member where you are:
upon a planet (earth) with relativity (and stars)
where differentiality can kill a bowl-of-stew

For-Give (but don’t for-get), now (in the end):
it’s up to you

 if a person gets mugged (by a gang) at 3 a.m., while walking down a dark alley in uuptown charlotte, s/he will eventually benefit by forgiving he/r attackers.  s/he needs to remember, however:
o   gangs, dark alley, walking: bad.
o   3 a.m., city: avoid.

 if you are in a relationship for the long haul, certainly there will be times when your relationship partner’s ego gets a hold of him/her.  s/he may act in a way that is out of character.
o   for-give-ness… is indicated.
o   forgetfulness… not so much.  because, if someone (even a friend), exhibits a behavior pattern that is detrimental to your growth, development, evolution, and wellness -- it would be best to remember their patterns, and do what you can do, to either:
a.  disrupt the pattern, or
b.  avoid the situation, completely.

forgiveness is a gift – to the forgiver.  it purges he/r residual, negative thoughts.

remembering is a gift -- to all egos, here on earth.  let’s remember, let’s hold people accountable for incessantly repeating negative patterns.  let’s re-member, so we can move forward.

[1] martino, joal. (4.29-1.17). For-Give (but don’t for-get).  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

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