Tuesday, April 6, 2010

yoUga (yoga with a Capital YOU)

what is yoUga?

it is yoga, with an emphasis on yoU!

yoUga has 7 tenets:
  1. yoU, matter.  Y/our thoughts matter, y/our words matter, y/our intentions matter, and (of course) y/our actions matter. 
  2. yoU breathe.  Connecting with one's own breath is the gateway to Connection with everything else.
  3. yoU are your own best guru.  The proof is in the spelling: G-U-R-U = Gee, you are you! This means that you are your own best teacher, and you decide what is best for you.
  4. yoU-r asana is your asana.  the goal is not to look like some picture in some book, but to experience asana in the way that your bodymind experiences it.  there might be 30 people in class, with each expressing their own version of a particular pose (each in her own way).
  5. yoU determine what Yoga/Union means, to you.
  6. yoU (your Capital U) is much, much more than you can imagine.
  7. yoU can change y/our world.
Level 1: Gentle, relaxing, flowing... with an emphasis on Kinesiology (movement and basic postures).  Some lengthening (hamstrings, spine) and some strengthening (core, legs, chest & back).  The flow centers on a longer warm-up in the beginning and a longer meditation at the conclusion.

Level 2 (and above): The student determines which poses, postures, breathing techniques and meditation techniques work best for her by re-Cognizing strengths, limitations and desires.  The goal is to improve upon strengths, to "work with the edge" of our limitations, and to understand more and more about what we really, Really, REALLY want to experience.

"Just what you want to be, you will be in the end."
-from The Moody Blues, in Knights in White Satin

"In the end, it all comes full circle."

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