Tuesday, April 11, 2017

gunboat diplomat

gunboat diplomat  [1]
by justin otha dipp

“hail, to our king!” (he’ll get us high, then leave us flat)
“we’ll follow him to hell -- and sing!"

our gunboat diplomat


y'all got wined, dined, sixty-nined, and left behind.
…but just when you were losing (blind) faith... 
...just when you were questioning y/our own sanity…

he swoops in!

he doesn’t even have to talk about the wine-ing, the dine-ing, or the leaving behind-ing.  all he needs to do is prey.
 let us prey
 prey on y/our fear – real or imagined or created.

all he needs to do is sling a few tomahawks downrange… maybe he'll threaten a (real or imagined or created) bully on y/our street.  

…and if that is all he has to do to win back y/our “approval,” 
then the problem isn’t "him."

  • y/our fear created him.
  • y/our fear allowed him to multiply, to gain strength, to gain power and momentum.

…and he knows, that when he begins to lose his power…

y/our fear (coupled with apathy, ignorance, distractions, etc.) will help the gunship rise again.

[1] martino, joal. (4.11-2.17). gunboat diplomat.  book 78: dark days. © 2017 by wellnesseducation.us

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