Sunday, April 2, 2017

death by fire and flood

death by fire & flood  [i]
by f. ire & f. lood

it might be death by fire,
it might be death by flood
it might be death by famine, bomb, disease (no trees) or blood

it might be war (AI: for sure), or self-induced hypnosis
it might be deep depression or a faulty diagnosis

it might arise by lack/despise or overpopulation
it might occur because of an acute us-ass-i-nation

it might be that the atmosphere no longer supports breath
it might be-cause of living, but event-u-ally: death

  • death is seldom welcome… 
  • ...but endings are beginnings, and death is often a doorway of Trans-form-at-i-on.
  • maybe all of this is an 80-second high school Play… and (maybe) it is all for enter-ain’t-ment.
  • maybe, after the Play is over, the curtain will open – and we will all be holding hands, bowing to an enthusiastic audience, ourselves.
  • May-Be.

[i] martino, joal. (3.26.-1.17). death by fire and flood.  book 78: dark days. © 2017 by

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