Saturday, February 18, 2017

stoopid is as stoopid does

stoopid is as stoopid does [i]
by h. u. mandoing

alternative title: ignorance ain’t bliss

ignorance ain’t bliss
thoughts have consequence
thoughts lead to beliefs (leading to acts that make no sense)
leading to a nightmare that we wish there never was

ignorance ain’t bliss, and
stupid is as stupid does


  • this thoem is not inspired by politics.
  • it is inspired by a life form that values itself above all others: a vampirical cancer that fails to see itself in its own projection/reflection.
  • a species that has apparently lost its ability to practice the art (and science) of introspection.
  • a mass of lemmings, allowing a few (powerful) "leaders" to steer us off of a cliff.

…but (shhhhhhhhhhhhhh...) here’s a secret:
  • the "leaders" have no power that we do not freely bestow upon them. 
  • they (shockingly enough) need us.

[i] martino, joal. (2.18-2.17). ignorance ain't bliss.  book 78: dark days. © 2017 by

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