Saturday, February 18, 2017

cancer's non-reflection

cancer’s non-reflection [i]
by v. ampire

cancer doesn’t sleep
cancer doesn’t think
cancer doesn’t look upon itself and stop or blink
cancer doesn’t contemplate the future of its kind
cancer doesn’t curb its town delusions of its mind


  • cancer is an interesting dis-ease, insomuch as it commits murder-suicide in the simple act of survival (followed by thrival).
  • cancer is so self-centered that it thinks of itself as more important than its surrounding neighbors, thereby multiplying its own power until it (of course) destroys its own host, thus destroying itself.
  • cancer (we) had a good run.
  • cancer, itself, is done.

[i] martino, joal. (2.18-1.17). cancer’s non-reflection. book 78: dark days. © 2017 by

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