Saturday, August 19, 2017

just stand by and pray

just stand by and pray
by nowyoud h. avethought & wedhavehim g. aggedntied

pit bull growls at baby: just stand by and pray
grizzly in the campground: just stand by and pray
bad news on the television: just stand by and pray
senile men, insane decisions: just stand by and pray

  • when a senile man (with the maturity of a 3-year old) wages a verbal war with an equally insane kid who will risk his county to 'save face,' we've got a problem on our hands that didn't begin yesterday.
  • old, white jerymandered losers who don't possess the power or the wherewithal or the balls to take the power away from a surefire, global trainwreck... have already set the average human up -- for unmistakable catastrophe.
  •  so... go do what you do (evangelicalsfortrump), just stand by and pray for a solution.
  • meanwhile... "fire and fury." 
-the end

universal doghouse

universal doghouse [1]
by a. dog

universal doghouse
universal “stay!”

maybe we’re just pets, and we just live (then fade away)
maybe we’re just pets (it takes our owners time to see)

universal doghouse is a place for you and me

  • what if the Universe is a Mega-Verse, and what if we are just pets – to some Cosmic Force that watches (some) of what we do... and allows for food (for some of us)… and allows for play (for some of us)… and allows for us to beg.

  • the next time you get sent to the doghouse, what if you were/are already in the doghouse?

[1] martino, j. (8.18-1.17). universal doghouse.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

Thursday, August 10, 2017

the bully walks alone

the bully walks alone
by t. h. egang 

the bully walks alone
as allies back away
as adversaries plan against the bully (and his ways)
as friends begin to dive for cover (distance from the throne)
as neighbors hold their breath (stay tuned):

the bully walks alone


by athir d. g. rader

alternative title: "fire and fury"

"watch my fire and fury" screams the angry sandbox-boy
with doomsday-clocks and satin-socks and pawns as soldier-toys
and boats and bombs and false alarms ("this playground is a mess!")
while sandbox-boy puts itchy trigger-finger to the test

((excuse me... i di[e]gress))
  • armies die (in the sandbox)
  • mothers cry, as jets & bombs fly (in the sandbox)
  • little johnny rains fire & brimstone down (in the sandbox)
  • the life death of nations and cities and towns (in the sandbox)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

if you're not part of the solution...

if you’re not part of the solution… [1]
by huston w. e. hava

if you can read this (meaning, if you can read…), you’ve likely heard the saying:

“if you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

this post is going to explore the ifs.  caution: you are either (a) part of the solution, (b) part of the problem, or (c) something else.  allow me to explain:

1.       if you aren’t sure if there is a problem… you are the problem!  maybe you are too ignorant, or too lazy, or too drugged-up to re-all-ize that (both globally and locally)… uh… we got ourselves a problem.

2.       if you call yourself a “democrat,” or a “republican,” or a “trump-supporter…” you are the problem!  read that again.   if you are playing the “we vs. they” game, you are the problem.  apologize to your children and grandchildren right now!  beg forgiveness!  then (only if you want to) do the slightest bit of objective research and re-cognize that the problem begins with “us vs. them” thoughts and beliefs.

3.       the politicians and the greedy-rich (interestingly enough) are not the problem.  they are merely an extension (an outcropping – a prosthesis) of “we.”  oh, sure, we love to blame them for everything… proving (even more) that we are the metastasis, we are the cancer. 

yes, we are the problem.

-the end?

Monday, July 31, 2017

what if trump voters were (actually) smart?

what if trump voters were (really) smart? [1]
by w. hatif

 what if (some) trump voters were (in reality) smart?

hang on, trump lovers & trump haters, let me restate and explain:

what if (some) trump voters were not racist, or sexist, or one-percent-ist, or deranged?  don’t you know some very nice, cool, smart people – who voted for trump?  i bet you do.  i didn’t vote 45, but i know some really smart people… who did.  what if they knew?????

here’s my theory:

·         there may have been people who realized the reality: democrat and republican politicians (within the current u.s.a. system) are useless!

·         what if those very people (the trump voters) recognized that the game was (already) over? what if they know that:
o   the current system wasn’t going to address pollution & global warming, and
o   the current system wasn’t going to address the plight of the hard-working u.s.a. citizen, and
o   the current system wasn’t going to address health care (at least in any way that actually considered the average person), and 
o   the current system cares more about weapons and power than it does about its citizenry, and the current people in charge of the current system couldn’t no, wouldn’t no, won't change the system?
·         what if people knew that they were being lied to, but had no choice but to protest?

·         what if people knew (or at least hypothesized) that trump would lead us toward global catastrophe – but also knew that it was exactly that (M.A.D)… that was necessary to change the system?

think: if the democrats hadn’t rigged the system (via superdelegates and status quo politics), and if a true radical (like bernie sanders) was given a chance to debate, and speak, and convey a message… (ooooops... sorry, the powers that be -- can't allow that to happen).

...and what if we actually voted on logic, and merit, and thoughtfulness (and not along party lines)…

and what if (some) trump voters could see the future, and what if they decided that, if we were going to implode, let’s all do it (right now), instead of making it a slow death?

what if people were actually smart enough to know that “we are all going to die of something…” and “the system is broken, anyway…” so “why not break the whole thing?  after all, who cares?

the working man has been working sooooooo hard, and soooooo long…
only to see the price of everything rise sooooo dramatically…
…that he/she and his/her family has absolutely
no pathway toward success.

the average guy does believe that humans are doing harm to the planet. 
he can see the plastic, along the side of the road. 
he knows that big corporations are polluting his water. 
he knows that it isn’t smart to suck limited resources out of the ground – when
perfectly good sources of energy can be harnessed
with little to no carbon blueprint.

what if trump voters know?

…and what if they collectively said...

“--ck it!”  
“if we are going down, let’s take all of those rich parasites down with us.”
“let’s hire a buffoon… and then let him do what we all know he is going to do.” 
“what is the worst that could happen?”
“i’m goint to die, anyway.”
“why not take a swipe back, at all of those greedy bastards that created these systems?”

think, ladies and gentlemen.

what if they (trump voters) are (actually) smart?  

[1] martino, j. (7.31-1.17). what if trump voters are actually smart?  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by