Friday, August 26, 2016

attraction and repulsion

attraction and repulsion  [i]
by a. traction & r. e. pulsion

attraction and repulsion
a Really, funny game
why can’t we just admit that they are One (One in the Same)?
·         science often thinks of ‘attraction’ and ‘repulsion’ as opposites.
·         …but what if, like the reality of ‘sunrise and sunset’ …of Light and darkness …what if attraction and repulsion are illusions – when viewed from a Higher perspective?
    what if inspiration and expiration were, in fact, ‘re-Spiration’?
   what if the death of a plant (in winter) was the same plant (coming to life) in the spring?  would it not be the Same plant?

·         what if the idea of ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ was just a dance?
red sox vs. yankees

·         when we take away our attachment to one team or the other… when we detach from a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’ …is it possible to simply in-Joy a good game?

·         on the flip side (so to speak) isn’t it the battle (the drama) that which makes the game even better?  in other words, if we didn’t care at all... why even watch?  why pay attention?

would it be beneficial to view life (at times) as a game?

·         maybe… just maybe …there is no-thing to ‘do’ but ‘Be.’  in other words, maybe the drama (and the ability to detach from the drama) …are both …perfectly dancing.

·         maybe the Uni-Verse is a Perfect Song already, and we (yes, U-s) …are just an expression of Perfect Perfection.

[i] martino, j. (8.26-2.16). attraction and repulsion. book 77: shift. © 2016 by

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