Monday, August 3, 2015

attitude of gratitude

attitude of gratitude [1]
by g. r. ateful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

in a world where ego-mind is always wanting more
there’s a wealth of moments to be ever grateful for

·         friends-family-friends
·         experiences
·         time
·         health
·         senses
·         moments
·         connection
·         recollection
·         imagination
·         self-defense mechanisms
·         autonomic nervous system
·         …and on and on…

the human ego (as a sense of separate self) is quite naturally cued-up for fear.  the survival mechanism anticipates, identifies and reacts to stimuli that might result in less of an opportunity to survive and thrive.

once the fear response is satisfied, however, a higher level of awareness and experience becomes available (almost as if it wasn’t there the whole time).

the key to facilitating good times is not only to provide the opportunity, but (first) to subdue fears. In family-friend relationships, some of the deepest, darkest fears involve feelings of unworthiness.

we have the power to help others (and self) to experience bliss, and we can do it today! simply pick someone, and then point out his/her worthiness in a way that is undeniable. not through words, necessarily, but if words are part of the mechanism, they must be heartfelt.

any positive overture -- directed at any person -- is an expression of that individual's worthiness. it is also a reinforcement-verification of one's own worthiness, since one cannot give what one does not have.

it is going to be a GREAT monday!

[1] martino, j. (8-3-1.15). book 75 lost & found. © 2015 by

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