Sunday, March 22, 2015

axial precession

axial precession [1]
by s. pinning

wobble, rotate, spin (as we fly across the sky)
circling a sun (although no one knows reason why)


  • why do planets ‘float’ amid a universal sky? 
  • why do the building blocks of those planets (atoms) act in exactly the same way?

precession is a change in the orientation of the rotational axis of a rotating body. In an appropriate reference frame it can be defined as a change in the first Euler angle, whereas the third Euler angle defines the rotation itself. In other words, the axis of rotation of a precessing body itself rotates around another axis. A motion in which the second Euler angle changes is called nutation.[2] [3]


[1] martino , j . (3-22-1.15). lost & found © 2015 by

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