Wednesday, January 7, 2015

In-finite perspective

by web o. f. comments

let me show my bias as i comment on your post
in each thread, we criticize (we praise, we judge, we boast)

such a Grand Design (allowing Spirit-world to play)
relative-i-ty: the very order of the day

hotbed of debate (yet from another view, Connective)
living in a Uni-Verse of Infinite perspective

* it is soooooooooooo much fun (okay, arduous at times) reading ‘comments’ on internet articles and facebook posts.

* in an effort to be ‘right,’ we do little more than scream our biased perspectives out – to (virtually) anyone that will listen.

* is it possible that Spirit (the Is, the All, the Source, Love, etc.) is learning and growing via the infinite perspectives of the physical, relative world?

* it would (additionally) be arrogant to believe that we (the relative world) are the only mechanism for Uni-Verse-All feedback.  after all, we are very, very primitive in matters of the brain, DNA, dark matter, etc.

* everyone (humans, animals, plants, viruses, cells, molecules, atoms, etc.) has perspective.

* is it possible that the void of Source asked Herself a question, such as “who Am I?

* is it possible that wIe (in every potential UniVerseAll expression) are the answer to that question?  if so, every single perception would be cutting-edge Godliness, contributing to the UniVerseAll Consciousness of the One.

[i] martino, j. (1.7-14.15).  book 75: lost & found © 2015 by

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