Wednesday, November 19, 2014

everything (important)

everything (important) [i] 
by i. m. portant

everything (important)
every heart (and beat)
every thought that any body ever thought (or thinks)
every breath (and action)
every muscle (move)
everything (important) to an Inner kind of truth

everything (important)
every (single) day
everything (important) in a Union kind of way

  • if a living thing takes any action (even if it’s a re-action), that’s proof of the importance of that particular action (or thought, or word).
  •  every living organism is a cold, calculated, self-ish, survival-thrival-oriented be-ing. 
(which is more of a compliment on 'perspective' than it is a criticism) 
  •  everything (important). 

[i] martineau, l. (11.19-1.14).  round trip © 2014 by

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