Friday, July 4, 2014

mug shots

can a coffee mug have 'history'?  a life of its own?

follow along for the story... of 'the mug' (more to follow)

the mug
 above: Clare and Jerry with the mug

 above: mug, under house arrest

mug, mug and away!!!!!
 above: mug in the mail

 above and below: mug vs. the auto: a stand-off!

 above: patriotic mug
 above and below: the mug climbs a tree
 below: the mug saga heats up
 a mug's life: what happens in Vegas...

mug on the cell: he might have been talking to Jean.

below: the mug takes his driving test
above: the mug, in jail

 above and below: the mug, watering (and just hanging out in) Clare's secret garden.

the mug, ascending the stairs to the big deck.
 above: the mug remembers Josephine

below: the mug, wine-ing
 below: the mug, in the shower.  "Once a week, whether I need to or not!"
 above and below: mug hygiene

mug nap
 above: bear mug
 above: the mug, under the Charlie Brown Christmas tree

below: mug, in boa
 below: red sox mug
 below: the mug takes over the remote

patriotic mug, ballooning
 above: the mug, at the 19th hole

mug art
 above: the mug, on the computer

miracle mug

the story of the mug is a developing one.  updates will follow.

the new (parallel) mug was created on a rainy july 4th.  in a celebratory birth, it was joined in a toast with the original mug, making two.  now two families will be able to carry on the 40th birthday muggings.

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