Monday, July 21, 2014

dear blog diary is a wonder-full monday.  just back from a beach trip that included hanging out with the cam/eddie show ...and steffie (my 93 year-old aunt).

now, back home, i sit amid thunderstorms, watching birds engage in a dance of love/battle, and contemplating the oppositical/Unified forces of the Uni-Verse, with a happy heart.

yes, it's true, there are bad things happening in the world, right now.  there are (and always will be) bad things.

but (at this moment, anyway), it is with Joy that focus can turn toward the good.   ...a goodness that surrounds us, on most days.   a goodness that begs to be embraced, in-joy-ed, and experienced.  a goodness that IS... even amid the storm.

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