Sunday, June 1, 2014

FB ad (subconscious)

FB ad (subconscious)
by u. n. conscious

it appears (at least to me) that my facebook 'home' timeline is becoming more and more of an advertisement.  there appear to be more and more attention-grabbing headlines that lead to controversial 'articles' that sometimes hook me in, just like a horrible newscast.

this is important to note, because i've tried to avoid television and newspaper (useless, bad news) but still find myself clicking on time-wasting web-based trash.

it's okay, so long as the result is an altering of personal social-media focus -- so that (event-u-ally) i 'ally-in-event-with-u' (in communication).  it's all a part of the play.

the (new) trick is to avoid the hook, to avoid the negativity, and to avoid the mindlessness of (some) social media, while increasing the focus on you, the person who i am interested in getting to know more about.

just thoughts.

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