Thursday, June 5, 2014

dreams and reality

dreams and reality [1] 
by dee p. dreamer 

* imagine if three-dimensional, relative world (life, basically… us, plants, animals, etc.) was ‘but a dream’.
* imagine if the Real World was multi-dimensional, multi-perspective-d, yet simultaneously One.

* pretend, for a moment, that ego (separation, differential-ity, me/they) is on the left side of a continuum, and that spirit (oneness, love, union, we[ll]ness) is on the other side.

ego                                                 spirit
fear                                                                    love
illness                                  <<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>                      wellness
separation                                                         union
differentiality        alikeness

to begin, let’s practice ‘nonjudgment’ in regard to the colors…
(red   blue)
and recognize the points on the continuum as re-ference points,
so that, instead of a ‘bad/good’ connotation,
each point is viewed, in kind, simply as feedback.

* Now, Image-in if Spirit (Oneness, Love, Union, We[ll]ness) encompassed the Whole.

*                                                                           *
Namaste                                                                                                   Yoga
Harmony                                                                                                                 Synergy
ego                                                 spirit
fear                                                                    love
   *                           illness               <<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>      wellness                           *
separation                                                         union
differentiality        alikeness
 *                                                                                                        *
    Union                                                                                        Connectedness
Wholeness                                                              We[ll]ness

* let’s pretend that ‘ego’ was ‘alive’ – insomuch as it has a survival and thrival instinct.  ego, in a relative world (such as ours), would be just as much of a dream/illusion as union… while (together) they’d be a perfect fit:

a movement toward the dream/illusion                               a movement toward reality, Union
expiration/inspiration                                                respiration
                               dead (in winter)/alive (in spring)                                  tree             Nature
                darkness/light                                                     sun                   Light
dormant/active                                                    Experiential
               oxygenated (blood)/deoxygenated (blood)                                      circulation
                                           man/woman                                                           human            Being
                                         attack/defense                           understanding/communication/collaboration

* let’s pretend that the Whole Dream is like a Play, like a show.  let’s pretend that you are the star of your own sit-calm.  let’s pretend that your perspective is the center of y/our sit-calm universe, and that you invite certain experiences to appear into your show… for fun (or drama, or horror, or action, or comedy, or war, or love).

* let’s pretend, for a moment, that your dream-world-life is Perfect, in all of its drama.  in fact, the drama is the reason for going to the Play in the First (non)place!

* let’s pretend that, when y/our curtain closes, we’ll re-Une-ite, hand-in-hand, with our fellow playmates… sharing a post-party of memories & laughs about the chills and the spills of the earth-dream.

* let’s pretend that the earth-dream is fleeting: a nanosecond of ego-ic experience, amid a Uni-Verse of poetic, harmonic, symphonic, homeostatically-dynamic, dance-sing.

* let’s pretend, Now, that we can take that nanosecond, and experience it in time intervals called ‘years.’  let’s pretend that we’ve got about 70 (more or less) of these years to experience, and we can experience them as seasons, as months, as weeks, as days, or even as minutes and seconds.

* what would we do, Now… if? 

[1] martino, j. (6.5-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by

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