Sunday, May 25, 2014


pawns [1]
by oncea pawna time

line us up in front
praise our courage (full)
send us in to fight because we are (expend-able)
you sleep sound (at night) and sip your coffee when it’s dawn
we think wrong is right (because it's all we are) is:

* while it is honorable to hold a 'memorial day' and make it holi, in re-memberance of our fallen comrades... ...let us not forget that soldiers are often pawns -- in a military machine of such magnitude that renders itself inconceivable.

* we follow orders, we kill, and we die -- in order to further the desires of the king -- a king who might well be playing the deadliest of games.

* men follow orders (as innocent women and children cry), all for the expansion of power and control: 

defensive?  yes.   
offensive?  are we kidding??!??

ACIM notes that defense = offense, when each = ego = fear.

* this is not to downplay heroism.  i have personally known True heroes... men of such huge hearts and courageous souls as would fly (and/or die), offering the ultimate sacrifice for a cause that they believe in.

* in a world at war, will someone please give us something to believe in.

so fire up the grills and mow those lawns
so far as we can see, we're pawns 

so, on this holiday, while paying homage at the grave sites of dead soldiers, maybe it's okay to contemplate what put them there in the first place.  maybe we (even unknowingly) are part of the machine. 

[1] martino, j. (5.25-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by

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