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the hero rhymes within (july 6, 2003)

the hero rhymes within [1]

we’re having fun and feeling fine
although this poem – it doesn’t rhyme
it doesn’t matter if we win
because the hero rhymes within

the above poem was written (in less than 60 seconds) as part of our annual 'Femino Family Reunion,' during the  'scavenger hunt' event. 

 the Martineau clan had to find 10 items, and #10 was 'a four-line poem that rhymes.'

sidenote: we (the Martineaus) 'won' the scavenger hunt, in a tie-breaking 'challenge' by putting on a one-minute song and dance routine (to 'jingle bells').

poem analysis, two years later, 6-17-05:

* the True Self resonates within each of us, in a Real World where earthly victories and defeats do not matter, because this Real World is One of no-matter.

* this Real World is a Uni-Verse, a Singing Vibration of Loving Energy, expressed as infinite reflections of Light, interpreted (on the earth plane) as the dual world.  in Reality, it’s All One.

* this Real World can be “Connected with” (in glimpses, here), usually via art, song, meditation, creativity, massage, poetry, dance, etc. -- when love guides us toward Unity and Harmony.

* let's think about it: at times when wIe have glimpsed this 'Unified Other World,' haven’t we been in an altered state of some kind?  this (loving) feeling emits a sense of Perfection, when everything seems 'right.'  some people call these moments 'Aha!' moments.

* anyway… the Way to the True Self is an inner journey.   someday, we’ll re-Member that, like dorothy (in the wizard of oz), this wasn’t really a Real journey… at All.

note: the word 'hero' contains the dual-opposite words 'he' and 'her' while also containing the symbol of unity and one-ness 'o'.   inside each of us is an apparent paradoxical dichotomy: the apparently separate self is a Unified Self.  this Self is the watcher of the Movie, the player in the Play, the dancer in the Dance.  no-thing else is Really Real. 

every-One is a Hero.

[1] martineau, l. (2003). book 20: the hero rhymes within. unpublished as of July 6, 2003. analysis on 6-17-05. copyright 2003 by
* the photo, taken (yesterday) on 2.13.14, somehow reminded me of that old thoem.

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