Thursday, February 13, 2014

s(no)w Way

s(no)w Way
by let i. t. snow

alternative title: s(no)w picnic

instead of haphazardly creating my own, generic snow-man, 
a small walk around the riverfront community shows variety in expression:

jabba-the-hut snowman 

bump, set, spike!
beach volleyball snowgirl

according to the creators of this 'dreadlocks' snowman,
too much jamaican rum contributed
to his bloodshot eyes

below: s(no)w kayaking, today 

s(no)w boating

s(no)w swimming

 more snow... (uh)... men?

carolina blue snowman
(note the blue feather in his cap) 

below: traditional snowman
(looking a bit cold, at the moment)

happy snow(wo)man

panther fan snowman

right (and below)
the smiling, riverfront kayaker snowman

snow, uh... cone???

snow, uh... crab???

zombie snow-crab?

 take me to the rivahhhh!!

s(no)w picnic: note the thin ice
on the cove [background]

more snowmen?

snow-man down!

* snow, uh... ball?
* snow belly?
* free base?
* found-ation?
* not so frosty?
(oh, well...)

ladies and gentlemen:
with all of the horror surrounding bikini-clad olympians,
we'd like to state that we do not, repeat... 
we do not support the objectification 
of snow(wo)men

it appears that the neighborhood gossip 
has resulted in a broken heart.

this s(no)wman (below) turned around and looked at the town of gastonia...

 and (finally), my sunny-deck meditating snowman, 
dreaming of white sandy beaches, 
and smiles, and warmth.

for last year's snow event, click here:

1 comment:

  1. Crack me up!
    Great snowpeople.
    Haven't seen many around here...folks are so tired of the stuff, even the snowpeople-building children are bored!