Thursday, February 20, 2014

bitch and moan

bitch and moan
by n. onstop & c. ompla ining

twins, born to special music (but we didn't like the tone)
we wouldn't stop complaining so they named us 'bitch' & 'moan'


* is it possible that humanity has been born into one of the most exquisite Plays in the Uni-Verse?

* is it possible that humanity has evolved Perfectly, using senses to filter (in/out) data? 

* too much color (or perception of sub-atomic phenomena) might be a bit overwhelming to observe, but this 77-second Play (1) allows for the acquisition and loss of 'just enough' vision, hearing, scent, proprioception, taste, and touch...

...which gives us the chance to Dance (and complain about such).

* all of this sensory perception, observed from a local, person-all perspective, creates the illusion of individuality...
...which allows for every, single (un)solitary experience...

...providing for the opportunity to indulge, to savor (and complain)
again, and again, and again, and again.


(1) life

martino, j. (2.20-1.14). book 73: round trip. copyright by

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