Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love it (while you can)

'lessons learned' from 2013:

* whatever the experience (be it person, place, thing or event),  
Love it (while you can).

above: the gift exchange (november 2013)
below: a sparrow comes back to life

above: hummingbird frenzy with donna & tom

jo & al (nuff said) 

fsu vs. wake forest, with the charlotte seminoles club

virginia beach is for lovers

massage therapy's future

above and below: north gulf, florida, usa
summer gift exchange

above: whale watching, rhode island style

ft. collins, colorado, usa
future wellness coaches/exercise scientists

one of the saddest things that
any family can ever

"you don't have to die to get here"
-motto of blue heaven, key west, florida, usa

bambi, hanging out with wally... on the tamiami trail.

memories, part II

moving forward...

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