Wednesday, January 1, 2014

if you want something...

if you want something… [1]
by l. e. titgo

if you Love something, then let it go…
…but if you want something… no, no, no!

* lock it up.
* cage it up.
* leash it up.
* feed it what it needs… and
* make it promise to do that which you want it to do

…because if you really, really want something (it’s all about you)!

·         marriages (of the heart) are based upon Love… the promises flow from a Loving Essence.

·         marriages (conventional) are based upon quid-pro-quo desires: e.g. “if you ____, then i’ll ____.”

· if you want something (like a dog, or a piece of art, or a person)… restrict its freedom!  make it hard for (your life’s desire) to get away. 

·         guilt it, cage it, judge it, threaten it, and then (passively/aggressively) punish it (if necessary) in order to get it to conform to your desires.   after all, you don’t ‘Love’ it, you want it!   

      ...and then... tell everyone else how much you love it. 
     (but they'll know)

    if you Love something, or someone, let. go.     

[1] martino, j. (1.1-2.13 2013). book 78 round trip. © 2013 by


  1. Want. yes, let it be, Love, is a need we feel, why let it go? To not have it, or will it circle? I know you have love, feel love, give love, and loved being loved, obvious. Is it the eternal moment or longer you feel it.
    B in FL, awaits your comment

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    as an eternity may be experienced in a fleeting moment, why not enjoy that moment, and re-flect back upon it with gratitude? it. IS. eternal.