Tuesday, December 31, 2013

space-time fluctuation

space-time fluctuation [1]
by inner & outer space

space-time fluctuation
joy-fully expressing every-thing we think we see
nature can explain the reason for great expectations
in a grand design, a kind of
space-time fluctuation

*  the cosmic dance of space-time fluctuation is nothing more (or less) than electromagnetic light waves.

* the theory of everything (TOE)-tally explains why quantum mechanics is just another step in the process of Mega-Verse-All laughter.

* Infinite possibilities are produced with every thought, while each thought might be completely physics-ical – uh, with no choice at all.

* is the Play already pre-determined?  …or do we, the observers and creators of our own Uni-Verses, determine our future/past experiences?

* welcome, 2014.

* the harmony of superstrings, meta-phors, black holes and things… might just explain the cosmic dance of chance romance.

* maybe the Multi-Verse isn’t “out there”, but in (Here)…
…in every thought fluctuation of every perspective of every living thing.

* M-theory (miracles, magical, mobile, monu-mental, malleable, mega, miniscule, modern, mundane, massive, me) might just be wIe.  

-the Beginning?

[1] martino, j. (12.31-5.13 2013). book 78: round trip. © 2013 by wellnesseducation.us.
-inspired by the documentary “into the universe” with steven hawking.

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