Wednesday, December 4, 2013

couldn't be happier

in the musical, 'wicked', glinda experiences the ultimate in happy/sad moments:
  • an 'engagement' party
  • an official appointment, as 'glinda the good'
  • an uneasy Knowingness, that her idea of 'happiness' might need re-consideration
 it's a growth-spurt of epic proportions, and a prelude to a Growth spurt of Epic proportions, and it is i'mpossible not to get caught up in her height/plight.

'wicked' is a story of two girls, growing into two very strong women.

a must see.

below: the 'couldn't be happier' piece (with some of the lyrics)

below: glinda and elphie, an unlikely friendship:

"because i knew you, i have been changed... for good."

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