Thursday, November 7, 2013

round trip

round trip [i]
by a. round & a. round

he drove away this morning
she walked back home, at noon
they left (and then, came back again) and not a bit too soon

a journey of a lifetime (a delicious-cycle script)
we go away, come back again, play ‘let’s pretend’:

round trip

* what if a ‘round trip’ is shaped more like an infinity symbol?  re-turn-ing as it r-evolves, learning as it re-solves, and yearning – the very force that powers the Whole trip.

* life strives ever-onward with one, Soul purpose: to feel better.

* let’s Play:
  • re-move
  • re-see-ve
  • re-Cognize
  • re-Member
  •  re-valuate
  •  re-mind
  •  re-gift
  •  re-treat
  •  re-Union
  • re-solve
  •  re-miss
  •  re-sis-t
  •  re-noun-ce
  •  re-plenish
  •  re-Creation
  •  re-Play

[i] martino, j. (11.7-1.2013).  book 77: round trip. © 2013 by
* photo of pages 90 & 91 of 'Be Here, Now' by ram das.

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