Saturday, November 2, 2013

nobody knows nothing

nobody knows nothing
by norm oliver body

nobody knows nothing
nothing is the same
no one cares if anything is anybody's game

no one knows if history (if his story) is true
nobody knows nothing
no, not me, not you

* in a time when anybody can comment on anything, it becomes even more obvious that nobody (really) knows what anybody is talking about.  that includes this.

* the fun thing -- is that we are talking, communicating, learning, growing, mis-taking, understand-ing, trying, living.

* we are all just products of what we've been told, what we've seen in the media, and what we've read in books (all of which are someone else's interpretation -- often of what they've been told, what they think they've seen, and what they've read).

think about it: as young kids, we were convinced that there was a white-bearded man (somewhere in the sky) who would bring happiness (if we were good) but would deliver coal (if we weren't good).

"he knows when you are sleeping, 
he knows when you're awake, 
he knows if you've been bad or good 
(so be good, for goodness sake)!"

* our psychosomatic makeup (the neuromind) is such that we tend to 'see' what we already believe, so it becomes very difficult to change perceptions without major paradigm shifts.

maybe we can become more comfortable with an 'i don't know' mindset, opening the way for more learning, more growth, and even more communication.

:) -the beginning.

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