Friday, November 22, 2013

chasing tail

chasing tail [1]
by chase n. tail & tall tale 
(inspired by wayne dyer's fable 
[in his book: your erroneous zones
about the cat who chased its tail)

dog (he chases tail)
chasing (round and round)
thinking (when he catches it, that happiness is found)
even in success (the process sets him up to fail)
round and round (no happiness is found by chasing tail)

round and round, no happiness is found (by chasing tail)

* but… it does keep the dog occupied.  :)

* but (II)… what if (instead of focusing on the catch) she enjoys the process of the (present moment) chase?

* question: is s/he chasing tail 24-7-365 (obsessed), or does s/he chase tail for the intermittent thrill of it?

* if we can chase a (‘live the’) dream... while letting go of the attachment to actually catching it, maybe we can enjoy happiness (mind-fully).

* maybe the present-moment process can be just as thrilling as the climax.  in Yoga, for example, isn’t the process of ‘tree pose’ the experience of ‘attaining’ it?

[1] martino, j. (11.22-1.2013).  book 77 round trip. © 2013 by image found online by googling 'dog chase tail image' (yahoo images).

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