Friday, October 4, 2013


athens, georgia.  what else needs to be said?

it's a college town, an art/music mecca, and a beer lover's paradise.  ...not to mention that the lovely ladies LOOOOVE to wear short black skirts (usually anointed with a red belt or accessory or some sort.  it's a georgia bulldog thing, and it is an in-this-world, yet out-of-this-world experience.)

consider visiting the trappeze pub, where 'good beer matters', and sample a few of the 400+ beers in stock, with 38 on tap that most people have (probably) never heard of.

caution: it's hard to leave athens.  try to delay your hotel exit, and, since the trappeze opens at 11am, you might get a chance to sample the lunch menu:
  • portabella muchroom sandwich ($6)
  • side salad ($2.5)
  • ...and the rest of the meal i won't mention, because my u.s.a.a. friends frequent this blog.

that $2.5 side salad was light years ahead of $10 salads at other restaurants.

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