Monday, September 23, 2013

perfect (deep) connection

perfect (deep) connection[1]
by connie necting

perfect (deep) connection
Present, future, past
when life fits (don’t stop, don’t quit) make every moment (last)

then dwell on the experience (through quiet re-collection)
smile and re-create (it’s fate) thIs
Perfect (deep) connection 
  • it is truly an amaze-ing experience, when life delivers a Perfect moment.
  •  in Truth, wIe co-Created that moment, that experience, that ‘tiny tic’ of time.
  •  although transcendent tics of time do not last, the human brain is able to savor the memory, especially if the observer was present/focused/aware during the process.
·         we can even savor future moments – contemplating (experience-sing?) that which can be (and Is).   it comes complete with sense/memory (projected in the mind, like a virtual-reality sit-calm), right Here, right Now, in thIs: the Present.

[1] martino, j. (9.23-1.2013). perfect (deep) connection. book 77: re-view © 2013.

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