Friday, September 27, 2013


everywhen [1]
by noplace l. ikehome

sub-atomic matter-waves are Here (then gone again)
maybe everything is everywhere and everywhen

space-time Gd vibrations, like a brand-of-new (old) friend
maybe everyOne is everywhere and everywhen

·        *  what if time and space (itself) are illusions?

·        * could life (itself) be a sensory play of Nonsense?

·        * could all of us (unwittingly) be in-on the Big cosmic joke, completely caught-up in our roles, completely engaged at different levels of the same reality, and completely/perfectly resonating/interpreting each (apparently subsequent) evolution as only each individual observation point can?

·        *  can evolution (backwards) be a re-Volution?  in other words, a process in which the small, independent, observer (‘i’) begins to See as ‘we’ – before re-Merging into the One, Whole, Complete, All,I AM’?

·        * is ‘evolution’ (spelled backwards) no-i-tu-love, which Is Love (Itself)?

·         * could this Whole thing simply Be Love, Love-ing… manifesting as multiverses of apparently inter-independent, separate ‘parts’? 

·         * mustn’t the illusion of separation (differentiality, variety, etc.) give rise to the illusion of oppositicality?

·         * if so, then there is no such thing as democrat/republican, up/down, male/female, left/right, good/bad, right/wrong, light/dark.  maybe On(e)ly Love Is.  maybe the I AM is simply I Amming.

-the beginning/end/beginning/end

[1] martino, j. (9.27-1.2013). everywhen. book 77: re-view © 2013. In-spired (in part) by “the elegant universe: superstrings, hidden dimensions, and the quest for the ultimate theory” by brian green.

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