Sunday, September 29, 2013

don't believe the man

don't believe the man
by n. onbeliever

don't believe the man
he tell you what to eat
he tell you what to read
he tell you what to think

he tell you how to live your life and how to bear your fruit
he tell you what to tell the little children in their youth

but something deep inside (you wonder how it all began)
and something deep inside It tell you not believe the man

* in a time when our own food and drug 'administration' is bought and sold by big agriculture,

* in a time when our environmental protection agencies are headed (and run) by those who care nothing about the environment,

* in a time when the united states department of agriculture is captained by well-placed leaders who have the power to censor speech,

* in a time when religious leaders base their codes and morals on books that were based upon word-of-mouth stories (some of which were passed-on over decades), and then written by the man, edited by the man, translated by the man, and again and again edited by men of power... 

* in a time when you know that every reporter, every coach, every athlete, every politician and every president is not cannot tell the whole truth...

* it might be time to re-cognize that we can't tell the whole truth, either.

think about it.  

if you were to voice your whole truth (yes, your inner thoughts and desires and fears and ideas), you'd be run out of town (usually by those who profess to love you the most).

alas, the saddest part about 'not believing the man' is when we re-cognize that we are he.
...and we probably even lie to ourselves, about that.

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