Thursday, September 19, 2013

balanced imbalance

balanced imbalance[1]
by off b. alance

Perfect opposition
arguably fun
‘anti’ in the thesis
chaos, order, One

nature cannot replicate the quantitative stream
maybe all of thIs is just a qualitative Dream  
  • viktor shauberger (1885-1958) and callum coats (in the book ‘living energies’) emphasize that chaos x order = 1
  • the idea is that, in relative universes such as ours, reciprocity, oppositicality, and polarity are an intricate outcropping of energetic movement, which cannot and does not replicate.  in fact, evolution is the process of differentiality in creation – as every new process builds on (and differs from) that which came before.
  • in this way, it is natural to tap into quality over quantity, and, as viktor shauberger notes: ‘quantity, at its simplest form, is just mass.’ (living energies, p. 64).
  • in a world of Oneness, differences can be Seen as ‘part-of’ (instead of apart from) the One.  a Holistic viewpoint can interpret…
o   a sports ‘contest’ as a Game
o   a ‘fight’ as a Dance
o   politics’ as one, big, Party
...are endings, in Reality, Be-ginnings?

  • of Course, one might have to (visually and mentally) take a step off of tiny planet earth to gain that kind of Perspective – the ‘Aha!’ kind of moment that usually fades away as quickly as it arose (once we re-turn to the physical plane).
·        * for this moment, though, can wIe imagine male and female as One?

[1] martino, j. (9.19-1.2013). balanced imbalance. book 77: re-view © 2013.

coats, c. (2001). living energies. dublin: gateway

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