Wednesday, August 21, 2013

one universe

one universe[i] 
by uni versal laughter 

one universe for you
one universe for me
one universe for all (from the perspective that eye see)

  • it would be typical for the human ego to believe that ‘this’ universe was the only one, and that his perspective was, of course, the correct one.
  •  …yet it is obvious that even this (one) universe allows for gazillions and gazillions of perspectives, including those of other humans, animals, plants, cells (and probably even molecules and atoms, etc.)
  • human ego has traditionally believed that the ‘one’ universe revolved around him, which is the height of the ego-ic desire to be special, different and unique.
  • in a sense(s), each of us is special, insomuch as we perceive what we perceive from a different perspective as everyone and everything else.
  • perceiving from our own perspective isn’t ego-ic (in its own sense).  it’s only when he begins to believe that his (personal) perspective is the ‘right’ one... that e-go gets going.
  • maybe there is only One Uni-verse, and (maybe) our puni-verse is but a sliver of a dimension of an infinite number of possibilities…  happening at the same (no)time, just as everything might be nothing, and just as every way is more akin to enter-ain’t-ment than reality.
  • maybe… we are One.
 (of course... uh, maybe this is just one ego, attempting to describe the indescribable)
[i] martino, j. (8.21-1.2013). one universe. book 77: re-view © 2013.

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