Thursday, July 25, 2013

couldn't be happier

by a. goodwitch

there is a fantastic song from the musical "wicked"... when glinda (the 'good' witch) sings "couldn't be happier"... all the while knowing that things are not going at all the way that she had dreamed.  her husband-to-be is in love with her best friend; she is set up to be a force for good -- in a land of evil; and she knows that a fairy-tale marriage would simply be smoke-and-mirrors bullshit.  a true growth spurt (for good).

the lyrics (and song) are here, but it might take a minute to get to her engagement song.

as she stares at her ring,
as she feels her heart sting,
as she can't seem to bring herself to admit the truth...

as "she couldn't be happier"...
as "she couldn't be happier",
as she takes a deep look, 
as she comes to the truth: she's hooked
as she re-cognizes that happiness is sooooooo much more...

than getting that which you dreamed for

maybe there will come a day... when each of us can say...
that happiness is a present-moment choice (along the way)
...that is more of a process than an ending.

so what will we choose, today?
what thoughts will we cultivate?
what world would be best, can we manifest
a truly happy ending?

...or is this just a trip,
what if that's what this is
what if it's hit or miss (along the way)?

so, if, we couldn't be happier
so, yes, we couldn't be happier
if we'd just live here and now, forget all about
the past and the distant future...

maybe we could be happier,
maybe life would be wonderful,
maybe dreams could manifest themselves anew

and (maybe) that our destiny,
a thought of me and you

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