Saturday, May 4, 2013

mine-d field

mine-d field [1]
by karl albert boom

out there in the field
in here, deep inside
active, yet concealed
deep inside the mine-d

careful where you step (that’s when the problem is revealed)
problems, yours and mine-d (aligned?)
deep here, in the field

* each of us has a mine-d field: a protective array of explosive defense mechanisms that (unfortunately) harm us as much as our (purported) adversary.

* our mines are created by painful experiences, and are then buried (deep) to protect us from similar scenarios.  mine-d fields work: they express as anger, criticism, shame, blame, violence, escape, attack…  

* but the blast affects us, as well as those who (we believe) might harm us.  the blast also creates a mine-d field in them --  making it difficult to walk/play/live in each-others’ space.

* the only way out/in… is to re-Cognize when a blast occurs – and, at that moment, to look deep inside -- in an effort to determine the source of the original defense system. 

* if we can (somehow) re-Cognize that the person in our space (as s/he is, Now) is not the source of the original pain… maybe we can begin to heal the mine-d.

* maybe we can protect ourselves (from the painful behavior) by drawing boundaries and communicating discomfort, while still Seeing the scared, inner-child whose explosiveness is simply the result of he/r own mine-d field.   

[1] martino, j. (5.4-1.2013). book 77: lao j. onitram © 2013 by

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