Sunday, May 5, 2013

hierarchy of needs

most people are (at least in some way) familiar with maslow's hierarchy of needs, below:

what is not noted, here, is that present day (middle class) american city-dwellers associate money (financial security) with the extreme basics: food, water, shelter.

why the middle class?

1. those on governmental programs understand that, even if they have no money, they can be provided for.  they can get their base needs met by depending upon others.  if all you need is base, and if someone else provides that, should you even care?  it's not a very good system for motivation out of poverty.

2. the upper-echelon has money, so their base needs are not an issue.  that is not to say that the super-rich don't have money issues, but rather, the issues are not 'base' issues.

3. ...but: there are members of the middle class who cannot imagine being 'cared for' by the government.  personally, i admire the individuals that go to work every day, who pay their taxes, and who try to provide a better life for their children.
...they see themselves as 'free', and have lived in a world where they have gotten many of their needs met, by doing what they hoped would help achieve the dream.  presently, however, they are re-cognizing their dependence:
    a. most do not grow their own food, nor to they have a well, for water.
    b. most do not own their homes (outright), and, even if they do, they recognize that association fees and taxes (and one accident or illness) can bankrupt them, instantly.
    c. most cannot envision 'depending' upon someone else for the basics.

with the constant barrage of news about global issues, the implosion of social security, and the real-i-zation that health 'care' is unaffordable, the average working person associates financial security with base needs.

the problem?  we don't have financial security.  it is an illusion, and people who read, research and/or pay attention recognize the problem.

                                                          what does this mean?

quite frankly, it means this: if someone who you love happens to act irrationally (like a trapped animal)... or if they withdraw completely (into depression) it might be because they are feeling the effects of financial insecurity.

their whole world is falling apart.  there is no security in marriage, there is no security in things, good health habits don't guarantee good health, we have no idea what is in our food/water, and we don't trust the elected officials who were supposed to protect out 'right to pursue' the dream. 

if you don't live off of the government, and if you don't own the government, there might be moments when you feel helpless.

don't give up.

the only security is in Love, and the secret is that it's not the receiving -- but the giving/feeling of Love.  once we let go of the idea of 'longevity' and 'security', we can tap into the top of the pyramid -- which is the jumping-off point toward Higher forms of Unconditional Love, the type that is not yet available to man-kind.

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